Is your body ACIDIC?   

Tired EVEN after a good night's sleep? 

Sluggish and heavy after eating? 

Bad food cravings?

If your answer is all "YES", then you are having TOO MUCH ACID IN YOUR BODY!

The normal pH of a human blood should be slightly alkaline. Below 7.0 pH is too acidic and can result in symptoms of disease.

It is never too late when it comes to safeguarding your health!

 A balanced internal pH level is the key to a healthier you!

Tips to Maintain Good Health 


1. Daily Detox

To thoroughly cleanse your body inside out, best to include these alkalizing greens in your diet.
💚 Spirulina
💚 Chlorella
💚 Alfalfa
💚 Green Barley
💚 Wheat Grass


2. Good Acid-Alkaline Balance

It is crucial to maintain the optimal pH of your body not only to retain its balance, but as well, for other health benefits.


3. Smooth Digestion

To promote digestion and intestinal health, these are the "hero food" that helps with digestive tract problem and constipation.
💚 Aloe Vera
💚 Fibre-Rich Oat
💚 Psyllium Husk
💚 Greens
💚 Live Culture

This information is provided by Groway for education purposes only. It should not be used to substitute medical diagnosis.

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